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Our Vision
The Australian Driving Institute 4WD and defensive driving courses
Our Solutions
The Australian Driving Institute road safety driver training
Our Programs
The Australian Driving Institute Driver Safety Programs

Australian Driving Institute delivers World Class Programs continuing to yield results that exceed Worlds Best Practices (WBP) across all platforms.


Specialising in road/fleet safety training and by continually evaluating and evolving has propelled us to break the all too familiar boundaries of Driver Safety.

We deliver first class Driver Training in all capital cities and across regional Australia via a broad spectrum of training programs and delivery strategies.  

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Our business is more than passionate about road safety and the assumption that it doesn’t really affect you.

Every driver and every company that is required to drive must take the step of educating, motivating and changing the attitudes and behaviours to bring our country in line with other far more advanced and much more heavily populated nations.

The Australian Driving Institute (ADI), one of Australia’s most trusted providers of Driver Training Services, are a national organisation servicing the needs of a diverse range of industries and client groups across all regions of Australia.


Our dedicated team of Industry leaders have the ability to adapt our programs to meet specific client needs through tailoring various Driver Training models and support systems. Strategies we teach and tools we recommend, have a direct impact on retention rates and safe practices for your drivers. We look forward to exploring how we can support your business in keeping your staff safe on the road.