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ADI are an approved distributor of the World's most respected, and validated, comprehensive risk management solutions offered by eDriving.  

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Virtual Risk Manager 

VRM’s patented system includes five components that operate in a holistic, synergistic manner in 45 languages across 90 countries. The result is a solution unmatched in its depth, breadth, efficacy and proven ROI.

1. Safety CULTURE: The central tenet of VRM’s systematic approach

  • Establishes executive leadership commitment to safety as priority

  • Utilises customized company/fleet safety policy with driver pledge

  • Employs customized assessment of fleet policies and standards

2. RoadRISK®: Research-validated predictive risk assessment tool

  • Captures driver history, license violations, defensive driving knowledge, attitudes, behaviors

  • Provides risk exposure analysis, driver risk classification and ranking, and best practice information

  • Validated through 4 large-scale university research studies with up to 36,000 participants

3. DriverINDEX®: All-in-one driver performance management system

  • Integrates the most comprehensive set of fleet driver performance data into ONE SYSTEM

  • Provides an unparalleled view of total risk across an organisation

  • Facilitates proactive risk management for your most at-risk drivers

  • Provides one-on-one coaching and early intervention support for fleet managers


The Australian Driving Institute Mentor by edriving

Mentor by eDriving 

Mentor by eDriving  combines the company’s patented, proven, continuous improvement methodology for driver risk reduction with a unique smartphone app that not only identifies risky driving behavior, but also remediates it with in-app micro-training.

No hardware required. 

The Mentor app uses smartphone sensors to collect & analyze driver behaviors most predictive of risk including phone distraction.

Validated FICO® Safe Driving Score. 

Through eDriving’s partnership with industry analytics leader FICO®, drivers receive an individual FICO® Safe Driving Score validated to predict the likelihood of a driver being involved in a crash or incident.

In-app training. In addition to identifying and reporting on risky behavior, Mentor helps remediate it by providing engaging, interactive micro-training modules (3-5 mins.) delivered directly in the app.

To find out more check out this short video

The Australian Driving Institute mentor by edriving
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