4WD Training

ADI offer extensive courses designed specifically for operating a vehicle in difficult terrain and in accordance with regulations for the Resource Industry across Australia.

In accordance with company procedures and policies (where applicable) our 4 wheel driver training teaches the attributes and handling characteristics of a typical 4 Wheel Drive.


ADI formulate driving techniques to safely operate a 4WD on sealed and unsealed road surfaces and various terrain with emphasis on how to safely recover an immobilised vehicle by driver technique and/or with the use of recovery equipment. 


Training is conducted on both public roads and private land with a maximum of 3 students to each vehicle.  (depending on course structure)


Accredited Courses offered
Accredited Courses offered by Time Education and Training RTO provider 40058 under a third party agreement with ADI
  • PMASUP236 -  Operate Vehicles in the Field              
  • RIIVEH305E - Operate and maintain a four wheel drive vehicle
  • RIIVEH201D - Operate light vehicle
Non-Accredited Courses offered
  • On-Road 4WD - 4WD Awareness
  • Off-Road 4WD - Basic
  • Off-Road 4WD - Advanced
Courses Includes
  • Defensive driving techniques

  • Hazard perception and risk management

  • 4WD Basic Skills including sand, mud, water crossings and traversing

  • Vehicle dynamics including High Centre of Gravity

  • Correct use of Rigging chains, straps & cables

  • Tyre changing, Trailer and Towing demonstration

  • Emergency Procedures, Mechanical Recovery, Survival and Map Reading

  • Environment and Sustainability

  • Fatigue and Journey Management


  • A Certificate of Attendance and Written Report is provided for all Non-Accredited training upon completion. A Nationally Recognised Statement of Attainment is issued by Time Education and Training for all accredited courses.


  • Accredited training Tickets (Wallet Cards" provided on the day upon successful completion (For all training that does not require a workplace assessment)


  • POA


  • Varies dependant on required course type



     The Australian Driving Institute is an approved

      and preferred Driver Training Organisation