Slow Speed Manouevring 

Vehicles being driven at under 20km an hour are the most likely to have an accident in built up areas.

Specifically, car parks, reversing, working in confined areas, car yards and workshops are all high on the agenda.


The cost of these minor accidents blow out to thousands and thousands of dollars for large fleet companies, when it can be very easily reduced.


This intensive course covers all the aspects of slow speed manoeuvring during our one day Slow Speed Manoeuvring Program.  As with all our Defensive Driving courses, assessing each drivers capabilities prior to learning with the Training Needs Analysis enables us to develop skills individually.


As with all ADI courses, the trainer to student ratio is always 1:3.


Course Includes
  • Cabin Drill – Biomechanics City and Suburbs Assessment

  • Indicators and mirrors

  • Steering accuracy

  • Braking

  • Reaction times

  • Vision and planning

  • Traffic anticipation

  • Observing Road Traffic Act

  • Observations driving in traffic Dynamic Driving

  • Vehicle balance on corners

  • Steering accuracy

  • Visions/decisions/actions

  • Gears

  • Slow Speed Driving;

    • Reverse park

    • Parallel Park

    •  Reversing around corner

    • Driving around Depots / Parks

    • Judgement in tight confines


  • A Certificate of Attendance and Written Report is provided upon completion of training


  • POA


  • 1 Full Day

Client Testimonial

"Our goal is to prevent injuries and occupational illness to our people and to minimise any adverse impact our activities may have.


The Australian Driving Institute’s range of courses can only help us on our journey to Zero Incidents by ensuring all drivers are fully equipped for the roads and ensure...


No one goes home from Northpoint hurt”

- Jim Ramsbottom. Health, Safety, Environment & Community Manager. Northpoint