The Australian Driving Institute offer Afterpay for 4WD and defensive driver training.png
The advertised dates below are open for public enrolment based on the applicable instructor : participant ratios. 

ADI also offer many other programs, please contact our team to discuss other program availability. 

If you wish to arrange an exclusive booking for your business/workplace please contact ADI to discuss how we can tailor a solution to meet your specific organisation's needs. Alternatively you can select to book all available spaces on the advertised date for your team

ADI offer many more dates available in addition to the list below. Please call ADI to discuss your preferred dates with your ADI representative. Please contact ADI to discuss availability of programs during COVID-19 restrictions. 


Please note:

  • All Non Accredited training programs will appear as GST INC

  • All Accredited training programs are GST Exempt

  • All persons participating in Accredited Training will be required to have a USI Number at the time of Enrolment. (