Road Safety Program - Remote

A low risk course aimed at improving proactive driving and defensive skills specifically in remote areas. 

Course content is designed and most suitable for Corporate and Professional Drivers who are required to travel throughout regional Australia as these drivers generally have a higher exposure to risk.


Fatigue management, attitude, wildlife (in particular Kangaroos), journey management, unsealed surfaces, overtaking road trains and many more modules are covered in this intensive session and can be developed in consultation with your business in mind.


The course is one full day in duration and is conducted on public roads. We travel to all regions to ensure the training is carried out in the conditions drivers are faced with every day for maximum results.  


We encourage participants to complete a simple Training Needs Analysis questionnaire prior to training ensuring we tailor the day to the individual.

A full written assessment post training is provided along with a Certificate of Attendance for all participants. Where a driver may require further instruction, we will raise an alert and provide recommendations in accordance with Workplace Health & Safety Management Systems.


The outcomes from this training have been remarkable with reducing at fault accidents and incidents in both small and large companies due to the intensity of the subject matter and practical exercises.


High levels of concentration and discipline are paramount to ensuring driver safety and we heavily promote and mentor drivers to become more refined and professional in their driving. 


Course Includes
  • Training Needs Analysis.

  • Defensive driving techniques including Emergency Braking techniques.

  • Observation techniques.

  • Hazard perception and risk management including Night Driving, Speed, Overtaking and Gravel Roads, Remote Recovery, Sand and Mud, Water Crossings, Survival and Mobile Coverage.

  • Environment and Sustainability.

  • Attitude, Concentration and Journey Management.

  • Vehicle dynamics.


  • A Certificate of Attendance and Written Report is provided upon completion of training


  • POA


  • 1 Full Day