Trailer Towing Training

A guide to the requirements for the legal and safe towing of light trailers with light vehicles (tow vehicle) such as passenger cars, station wagons, 4WD’s and utilities. 

Training is conducted on public roads with a maximum of 3 students in the vehicle.


  • Initial completion of the Road Safety Training and / or Road Safety Remote Training.


Course Includes
  • Trailer and towing checks including load weights, parameters and load requirements

  • Placing the load, load projection, load distribution and restraining with ropes

  • Maintenance

  • Registration

  • Tow ball and safety mechanisms

  • Tyres and wheel bearings

  • Driving with a trailer including cross wind and a swaying trailer

  • The tow vehicle



  • A Certificate of Attendance and Written Report is provided upon completion of training


  • POA


  • 1 Day