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Driver Observations
Skill Assessment, Refresher Training or Pre Employment

ADI’s Driver Observations are designed to provide key stakeholders with an understanding of a person’s driving standard and behaviours. These sessions, design to verify competency, can be used for a variety of reasons; pre-employment assessments prior to allocating a company vehicle, suitability for a job role, identifying remedial training requirements etc.

Driver Observations/ assessments are a perfect opportunity for employers or managers to determine what level their staff are at before committing to a full training program, this aids in the process of identifying “high risk” staff members and allowance for greater forward planning and training strategies required.

Sessions typically run for 2 hours and can be conducted anywhere in Australia.

Sessions can be tailored to meet specific requirements/needs to a workplace/ group / individual etc 

Learning Outcomes

  • Refresher of skills and knowledge.

  • Receiving general advice and skills to bring current techniques to the required standard, tips to consider for implementation.

  • Greater defensive skills.

Course Includes

  • Covering basic cabin drill

  • P.O.W.E.R.S Check

  • Slow Speed

  • Traffic Anticipation

  • Forward Observation Skills

  • Vision and Planning

  • Braking

  • Following distances whilst travelling and stationary 

  • Attitude


  • A Statement of Attainment


  • POA

  • Between 2 - 4 hours dependant on requirements

  • This is generally conducted as 1:1 training

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