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Driver Observations
Skill Assessment, Refresher Training or Pre Employment

ADI’s Driver Observations are used by clients for a variety of reasons; they can be used as a pre-employment assessment to determine if potential staff with a tool of trade vehicle or company vehicle are at the required standard to promote your company’s brand and safely operate a vehicle. Engaging staff in driver observations are also a perfect opportunity for employers or managers to determine what level their staff are at before committing to a full training program, this aids in the process of identifying “high risk” staff members and allowance for greater forward planning and  training strategies required. Participants receive general advice and skills to bring current techniques up to the required standard, tips to consider for implementation and the opportunity to develop greater preventative driving skills.

Learning Outcomes

  • Refresher of skills and knowledge.

  • Receiving general advice and skills to bring current techniques to the required standard, tips to consider for implementation.

  • Greater defensive skills.

Course Includes

  • Covering basic cabin drill

  • P.O.W.E.R.S Check

  • Slow Speed

  • Traffic Anticipation

  • Forward Observation Skills

  • Vision and Planning

  • Braking

  • Following distances whilst travelling and stationary 

  • Attitude


  • A Statement of Attainment


  • POA

  • Between 2 - 4 hours dependant on requirements

  • This is generally conducted as 1:1 training

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