Electric Vehicle Awareness Sessions

South Australia’s Electric Vehicle Action Plan

The Government of South Australia is investing $18.3 million implementing the Electric Vehicle Action Plan.

The Plan aims to make electric vehicles the common choice for motorists by 2030, and the default choice by 2035, in line with achieving net zero emission by 2050.

Action Theme 2 of the plan empowers agencies to lead by example with the government vehicle fleet. Action 4 of this theme requires that new government fleet vehicles are to be plug-in electric models, where they are cost effective and fit-for-purpose.


Why participate in an awareness session?

To support government drivers to increase their understanding, awareness and benefits of electric vehicles, the Australia Driving Institute, in collaboration with the South Australian Government Financing Authority (SAFA), is offering an interactive Electric Vehicle Awareness Session for Government of South Australia employees.

By incorporating an engaging practical component and informative theory element, participants will also experience for themselves the features and benefits of electric vehicles.  The sessions will also focus on assisting drivers in understanding the key differences of EVs and minimising any apprehension towards change.

When participating in an Electric Vehicle Awareness session you can expect to:

  • dispel myths and common misunderstandings

  • understand the basics of an electric vehicle and how they are different from fossil fuelled vehicles

  • learn how to charge an EV and understand the different charging options

  • learn how to manage vehicle range through journey planning

  • learn about charging from a standard domestic 240 volt power outlet

  • understand the operating of vehicles in wet weather

  • discover how your workplace may benefit from an EV.


The practical component of the program comprises of a 1 Hour virtual theory session, using Zoom, PLUS a 2 Hour practical session, where you will have an opportunity to drive the Fleet SA Electric Vehicle.


The practical session will also include:

  • understanding the vehicle and controls

  • optimisation of the vehicle

  • reinforcement of proper driving standards and areas of improvement

  • an opportunity to ask any further questions about electric vehicles




Alternatively, contact our team on 08 8322 8555 or clientmgr@austdrive.com to discuss a booking for an Individual or Group.

South Australia's Electric Vehicle Action Plan: