Online Training

This program is rich with all types of media content and are designed to be easy to follow. Designed for use at the Induction phase of employment or as a refresher opportunity.

Online Road Safety Program

This self paced program is designed to increase your knowledge and awareness of worlds best practice driving techniques that are required to operate a vehicle for work. The intention is to raise the standard of driving, regardless of the driver’s current skill and ability. We recommend this program be delivered in conjunction with a practical program to further develop their practical driving skills.


Learning Outcomes

  • Discuss the positive points of defensive driving

  • Explain how to correctly prepare to drive

  • Understand the importance of correct seating, steering and mirror settings

  • Nominate various strategies for keeping yourself safe when driving on the road

  • Discuss the consequences of driving when suffering from fatigue

  • Nominate the pitfalls of driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol

Course Includes

  • Definition of defensive driving 

  • Important facts and decision making process

  • Vehicle and self preparation – the first step

  • Seating; the bio mechanics, how and why

  • Mirrors; how to maximise rearward vision

  • Steering; methods and hands

  • Prevention strategies that minimise risk

  • Safety tips

  • Hazard prevention

  • Braking; every day rules to follow and emergencies

  • Parking; including slow speed maneuvering

  • Night driving

  • Regional driving

  • Fatigue; symptoms and avoidance

  • Drink or drug driving and the law

  • Health and Sickness – Vehicle Hygiene

  • Wet weather

  • Anti-lock brakes

  • Vehicle safety technology

  • Intersections

  • Overtaking 


  • A Certificate of Attendance is provided upon completion of training.


  • POA


  • Self Paced Approx. 3 Hours.