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The Australian Driving Institute offer a range of program options that will develop the knowledge and skills of your people in the safe and comfortable operation of Wheelchair Access Vehicles.

This is achieved by providing customised training options that increase

the knowledge of the following:

  • Correctly positioning the vehicle for lifter use

  • When engines should / should not be left running

  • Powering and deploying the lifter

  • Using the emergency stop

  • Loading and unloading the wheelchair passenger

  • Raising the lifter including roll-stop checks

  • Bringing passengers into the vehicle

  • Locating wheelchair restraint points

  • Using the 3 main types of wheelchair restraints

  • Stowing the wheelchair lift

  • Emergency lifter use due to power failure

ADI can offer standalone Wheelchair Access Vehicle training or we can embed this training into our Road Safety Program which offers a holistic training experience for your people enabling them to operate the Wheelchair Lifter correctly, whilst also increasing the driver's ability to safely operate the vehicle throughout a range of road and environmental conditions. 

To discuss your specific training requirements we recommend contacting our Program specialists on 08 8322 8555. 

We look forward to hearing from you. 

The Australian driving institute wheelchair access vehicle training courses
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