Driver Training and Education Services

The South Australian Government Financing Authority (SAFA) has appointed ADI for the provision of driver training and education services for eligible SAFA clients. ADI will provide self-paced secure online courses and physical courses either at the contractor's location or the work location of the government employee.

  • Physical in-person courses will be delivered onsite in the Adelaide CBD, inner and outer Adelaide metropolitan area, South Australia regional and remote locations (or a combination of electronic and onsite).

  • Online programs will be delivered via a secure web based online training module that may be accessed by any government employee with a secure log in provided by ADI.

Physical Programs 

Physical Programs commence from your location using a Government vehicle. Training can commence from Regional and Remote locations*


Available Non Accredited Programs

  • Road Safety Program (1 Day)       

  • Road Safety Program – Remote (1 Day)

  • Road Safety Program – Trailer Awareness (1 Day)

  • Road Safety Program – Slow Speed Maneuvering (1/2 Day Session)

  • Driver Assessment – Refresher Observation (2 Hours)

  • Refresher Road Safety Program (1 Day)

  • Heavy Vehicle Defensive Driver Training ( Full Day and 1/2 Day Sessions available)

  • Driver Dynamics - Road Safety and Dynamics Program (1 Day)  


Available Accredited Programs

Accredited Courses offered by Time Education and Training RTO provider 40058 under a third party agreement with ADI

  • PMASUP236 Operate Vehicles in the Field (2 Days, 1 Day if 1 Participant)

  • RIIVEH305E Operate and Maintain a 4WD (2 Days)

  • RIIVEH201D Operate a light vehicle (1 Day)


Self-Paced - Online Road Safety Program 

Our Online Road Safety Program is conveniently accessed via your computer, laptop or smart device.

If you would like to proceed with an enrolment for an Online Program please contact or call 08 8322 8555 to arrange your individual logins. 

Bulk enrolment requests are available for large groups. 

Online driver training subsidy now available - 19/08/2019

We are pleased to announce that the South Australian Government Financing Authority (SAFA) has recently approved the funding of up to 600 enrolments for the Advanced Online Driver Training Program for Government Agencies to access over the next 12 months.  This fantastic opportunity provides a saving of up to $69 (GST exclusive) per person.  We encourage you or your team to take advantage of this opportunity to increase your knowledge and skills through a funded enrolment and to continue to increase the overall standard of state government employees operating a vehicle for work purposes.

To register for a funded enrolment please contact Australian Driving Institute to arrange an individual or bulk enrolment.


Eligibility and Requirements:

  • Participants must operate a Government vehicle for work purposes. (Pool or allocated vehicle).

  • Participants must have access to a reliable internet connection and (computer/laptop, smart phone or tablet)


If you have any questions or would like to discuss your enrolment further, please don’t hesitate to contact us on the details above.

Booking a Program

To discuss a program or for further assistance selecting the right program please contact ADI using the Contact Page here. If you or your team are based in a Regional or Remote area we can provide suggested dates to share in travel costs with other clients in your region when commencing programs 50kms outside of Adelaide CBD.

You can also use our Regional Training Calendar to review proposed dates for your region.

Programs are scheduled at request dependent on individual/group availability. If an Individual books a training date, the course is added to the website and made open for enrolment for other Government staff. (3 participants per session)