Motorsport Driver Training

The first level of training is conducted on public roads within the posted speed limits. We take the Road Safety Program and shift the focus towards technique and mental concentration.

Why On Road? There are 2 reasons; the first being self preservation, we will not sit in a car at 200 kph until we have seen you at 100 kph. We also need to establish certain techniques that will need to be razor sharp for the race track. Out of all the people we have trained and licensed, only one has crashed during an event.


If you are doing Tarmac Rallying, these techniques are paramount and can be a life/death decision. For example, a circuit racer is not well prepared to rally and tends to crash.  


This is the business end of high speed driving. Once you have refined the skills at slow speeds, you must now apply these skills at high speed. You will be doing fast laps but we work on other techniques. These include various entry methods, power on methods, car control and even how to be flamboyant correctly (never waste a crowd is our motto!).


Lap times are important but it makes up for only 25% of the effort.


Motorsport 1
  • The Motorsport 1 course focuses on the foundations of motorsport. This on-road course focuses on slow speed manoevering, to prepare for the higher speeds required in racing. We look at the appropriate steering and seating position to form the basics for racing.


Motorsport 2
  • The Motorsport 2 course takes place on the race track to experience the faster speeds in a safe, controlled environment and to provide on field experience.